Ghostly Pixels: Casual Video Games with Eerie Town Settings


Could you suggest some video games with a ghost town setting that are suitable for casual players?


This game is perfect for those who want to enjoy a Disney adventure without too much complexity. You’ll explore a valley, lift a curse, and interact with beloved Disney/Pixar characters, all set in a magical world that’s easy to dive into.

My Time at Sandrock

A sequel to the charming My Time At Portia, this game takes you to the small oasis town of Sandrock. It’s a casual experience where you’ll farm, craft, and rebuild a community in a desert environment, offering a peaceful yet engaging ghost town vibe.

Super Mario RPG

An oldie but a goodie, the Super Mario RPG remake brings back the classic with a fresh coat of paint. While not a ghost town per se, it features areas that give off that deserted, mysterious town feel, wrapped in an accessible RPG format.

These games are designed to be relaxing and enjoyable without requiring intense focus or gaming skills, making them ideal for casual players looking for a ghost town theme. So, grab your controller, and prepare to explore these ghostly locales at your own pace! Happy gaming!

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