From Typing Errors to System Crashes: Unraveling Keyboard-Induced PC Issues


Could you provide insight into an issue where a keyboard causes a PC to malfunction? The keyboard begins typing incorrect characters, and this is not the first occurrence of such an issue. Recently, the problem escalated when the screen turned black and the computer shut down. Upon restarting, the computer displayed the start screen but then reverted to a black screen, continuing in a loop. Initially, I suspected a motherboard issue, but the computer resumed normal operation once the keyboard was disconnected. Currently, I am using a virtual keyboard and am uncertain of the next steps to take. Do you have any idea what the underlying problem might be?


When a keyboard starts causing a PC to malfunction, it can be both confusing and frustrating. The symptoms described—incorrect characters being typed, a black screen, and the computer entering a loop of restarting—suggest a few potential issues that could be at play.

The most straightforward explanation could be a faulty keyboard or a bad connection. If the problem has occurred with multiple keyboards, it’s possible that the port on the PC might be damaged or there could be an issue with the drivers.

Driver or Software Conflicts

Driver issues can cause erratic behavior. If the keyboard driver is corrupted or not properly updated, it could lead to incorrect characters being typed. Additionally, software conflicts, especially if new software was installed recently, could be causing the system to crash.

Hardware Conflicts or Failures

While the keyboard was initially suspected, the fact that the PC functions normally without it suggests that the keyboard itself, or its interaction with the system, is triggering a hardware conflict or failure. This could be due to a power supply issue, where the additional power draw from the keyboard causes the system to become unstable.

Malware or Virus

Another possibility is the presence of malware or a virus. Some malicious software can interfere with input devices and cause system instability.

Next Steps

To troubleshoot this issue, consider the following steps:


Test the Keyboard on Another PC

: This will help determine if the keyboard is the problem.


Check for Driver Updates

: Ensure that all drivers, especially the keyboard and motherboard drivers, are up to date.


Scan for Malware

: Use a reliable antivirus program to scan your system for any potential threats.


Inspect Hardware Connections

: Look for any signs of damage on the ports and cables.


Consult a Professional

: If the problem persists, it may be best to consult with a professional technician who can diagnose the issue in person.

In conclusion, the underlying problem could stem from a variety of sources, ranging from simple hardware issues to more complex software or malware-related problems. By methodically working through the troubleshooting steps, you can hopefully identify and resolve the issue causing your PC to malfunction when the keyboard is connected.

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