From Tech Expert to Plumbing Hero: A Guide to Earning Your Worth


Could you provide expert advice on how to approach a salary negotiation, considering my current compensation is $62,000? As the sole IT Director of my company, I handle all IT-related tasks without managing any subordinates. Recently, I was unexpectedly involved in resolving a plumbing issue at work, which led to an impromptu raise. How can I leverage such unconventional problem-solving experiences to negotiate a higher salary effectively?


When it comes to salary negotiations, the conventional approach involves presenting one’s achievements, skills, and contributions to the company. However, unconventional problem-solving experiences, like the one you described, can be equally powerful in demonstrating your value to the organization.

Understanding Your Value

As an IT Director, even without a team under you, your role is pivotal. You’re the go-to person for all things tech, which often extends beyond the typical job description. Your recent experience with the plumbing issue showcases your ability to think on your feet and solve problems quickly and creatively.

Preparing for the Negotiation

Before entering into negotiations, prepare by:

  • Documenting Your Contributions

    : Keep a record of all the instances where you’ve gone above and beyond your role. This includes the recent plumbing fix.

  • Quantifying Your Impact

    : Try to quantify the impact of your actions. How much did you save the company by avoiding a plumber’s call-out fee and potential water damage?

  • Researching Market Rates

    : Know the market rate for your position and experience level. This will give you a benchmark for your salary request.

  • During the Negotiation

  • Highlight Diverse Skills

    : Emphasize your diverse skill set and willingness to tackle unexpected challenges.

  • Share Specific Examples

    : Use specific examples, like the plumbing incident, to illustrate your problem-solving skills and initiative.

  • Express Commitment

    : Show your dedication to the company and your willingness to continue contributing in multifaceted ways.

  • After the Negotiation

  • Follow Up

    : If the negotiation doesn’t yield immediate results, ask for a timeline and set a date to revisit the discussion.

  • Continue to Excel

    : Keep demonstrating your value through your work and willingness to tackle diverse problems.

  • Conclusion

    Unconventional problem-solving experiences can be a testament to your adaptability, resourcefulness, and value to the company. By effectively leveraging these experiences, you can make a strong case for a salary increase that reflects your true worth to the organization.

    Remember, the key to successful salary negotiation is confidence in your worth and the ability to articulate it clearly. Your unique experience has already opened the door to a raise; now, it’s about building on that momentum.

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