From Royalty to Rebels: The Many Faces of ‘Bashers’


Could you provide information on any notable individuals who are commonly referred to by the moniker “Basher”?


, known as “Basher Bates,” was a member of the loyalist Shankill Butchers gang in Belfast, Northern Ireland. His involvement in violent activities during The Troubles earned him this infamous nickname.

Basher Hassan (born 1944)

is a retired Kenyan cricketer, full name Sheikh Basharat Hassan. His contributions to cricket in Kenya, especially during the 1970s, made him a well-known figure in the sports community.

Nick Lowe (born 1949)

, an English singer-songwriter, musician, and producer, is also referred to as “Basher.” This nickname reflects his reputation for producing records quickly and efficiently, “bashing” them out, so to speak.

In a more light-hearted context,

Prince William

, now the Prince of Wales, was once nicknamed “Basher Wills” or “Billy the Basher” during his childhood. This was due to his reportedly unruly behavior as a young boy, which included incidents where he disrupted events with his boisterous antics.

These individuals, each from very different walks of life, have been linked by the common thread of the nickname “Basher,” whether due to their assertive personalities, impactful actions, or, in some cases, their notoriety. The nickname “Basher” thus captures a certain boldness or forcefulness that these figures have embodied or displayed in their respective fields or personal lives.

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