From Qualitative to Digital: The Diverse Data of 3DiCSI


Could you elaborate on the types of data that are collected and analyzed by the 3DiCSI system?


This includes non-numerical, descriptive information that can offer insights into the context and nuances of a crime scene. Examples of qualitative data collected by 3DiCSI might be:

  • Interviews and Witness Statements:

    Capturing detailed accounts of events or descriptions of suspects.

  • Observations:

    Documenting the state of the crime scene, including the position of objects and environmental conditions.

  • Photographic Evidence:

    High-resolution images that provide visual documentation of the scene.

  • Quantitative Data:

    In contrast, quantitative data is numerical and can be measured and statistically analyzed. The 3DiCSI system may collect:

  • Measurements:

    Distances, sizes, and volumes of objects and spaces within the crime scene.

  • Environmental Readings:

    Temperature, humidity, or other relevant atmospheric data at the time of investigation.

  • Biometric Data:

    Fingerprints, DNA samples, and other forensic evidence that can be quantified.

  • Digital Data:

    With the increasing relevance of digital footprints in investigations, 3DiCSI also focuses on:

  • Electronic Records:

    Gathering data from devices, such as call logs, GPS locations, and digital transactions.

  • Social Media Analysis:

    Scrutinizing public and private digital communications that could provide leads or motives.

  • 3D Modeling:

    A unique feature of the 3DiCSI system is its ability to create three-dimensional reconstructions of crime scenes, which involves:

  • Spatial Data:

    Utilizing laser scanning and photogrammetry to map out the crime scene in three dimensions.

  • Interactive Models:

    Allowing investigators to virtually navigate and analyze the crime scene from different angles.

  • The integration of these diverse data types enables the 3DiCSI system to provide a multifaceted view of crime scenes, aiding in more accurate reconstructions and analyses. By leveraging both traditional and cutting-edge data collection methods, 3DiCSI stands as a powerful tool in modern forensic science..

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