From Loose Screws to Solid Storage: Stabilizing Your PS4 SSD


I’m experiencing difficulty securing my 2.5″ 860 SSD in the PS4’s factory caddy because the screws keep falling out. Previously, I resolved a similar issue with my PS3 by replacing the caddy. However, the 860 SSD seems prone to slipping out, unlike the original PS4 HDD which is reinforced with metal braces. The screws don’t seem to thread properly and feel insufficient for supporting the SSD’s weight. Would purchasing a new caddy on eBay be advisable, or should I consider adding rubber or foam padding for a more secure fit? What have others done to ensure a smooth installation of the 860 SSD into their PS4 systems?


Many gamers face the common issue of securing a 2.5″ 860 SSD in the PS4’s factory caddy. The screws tend to fall out, leaving the SSD loose and at risk of damage. This problem is exacerbated by the fact that the SSD lacks the metal braces found on the original PS4 HDD, which help to keep it securely in place.

The Solution:

Replacing the caddy can sometimes resolve this issue, as it did with the PS3. However, with the 860 SSD’s tendency to slip out, additional measures may be necessary. Here are some steps to ensure a secure installation:


Evaluate the Caddy

: Check if the current caddy is damaged or if the screws are not the correct size. If so, purchasing a new caddy might be the simplest solution.


Consider Padding

: If the caddy is intact and the screws are the right size but still fail to hold the SSD, adding rubber or foam padding can provide the necessary grip and support.


Seek Community Advice

: Online forums and communities are a treasure trove of information. Many users have likely encountered and solved this exact problem. Look for threads discussing SSD installations in PS4 systems.


Professional Help

: If you’re still unsure, consider seeking help from a professional or a dedicated gaming hardware shop. They can offer tailored solutions and even perform the installation for you.


While purchasing a new caddy on eBay is a viable option, it’s not the only one. Adding padding or seeking advice from the gaming community can also provide effective solutions. Remember, the goal is to protect your SSD from damage due to movement, ensuring a long life for your gaming hardware. Happy gaming!

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