From Intrusion Detection to Peace of Mind: Understanding Your Norton Alerts


Could you clarify the implications of receiving an “IPS Detection Statistical Submission” notification from Norton Antivirus? I’m concerned because after leaving a potentially harmful website open, Norton blocked several attacks and then displayed this message. Does this indicate a successful intrusion? I would greatly appreciate a prompt explanation. Additionally, after conducting a comprehensive Norton scan, no issues were detected in my files. Nevertheless, I seek a better understanding of the events that transpired. Furthermore, I am uneasy about the possibility of unauthorized remote access to my computer. Moreover, I’ve noticed repeated references to “statistical submissions” from “ACE-BASE” and “ACE-BOOT” in the system logs. I suspect these may be associated with anti-cheat software. Could you confirm this?


Receiving an “IPS Detection Statistical Submission” notification from Norton Antivirus can be concerning, especially after encountering potential cyber threats. Here’s what you need to know:

Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) is a feature within Norton Antivirus designed to detect and prevent attempts to exploit vulnerabilities in your system. When Norton blocks an attack, it collects anonymous statistical data about the intrusion attempt. This data is then submitted to Norton’s servers as part of a “statistical submission.” The purpose is to analyze trends and improve security measures.

Does It Indicate a Successful Intrusion?

The notification itself does not necessarily mean there was a successful intrusion. It indicates that Norton has detected and blocked attempts to compromise your system. The fact that subsequent scans did not reveal any issues suggests that the attacks were successfully thwarted before they could cause harm.

Should You Be Concerned?

While the immediate threat has been addressed, it’s always wise to remain vigilant. Ensure your antivirus software is up-to-date, and consider running regular scans. If you frequently encounter such notifications, it might be a sign to review your browsing habits and avoid potentially dangerous websites.

What About Unauthorized Remote Access?

The notification does not imply unauthorized remote access to your PC. However, if you’re concerned about this possibility, you can check for unusual system behavior, ensure your firewall is active, and change passwords regularly.

ACE-BASE and ACE-BOOT References

The terms “ACE-BASE” and “ACE-BOOT” are likely related to Norton’s AntiCheat Engine (ACE), which is used to prevent cheating in games. These references in your system logs are probably routine notifications about the anti-cheat system’s operations and not indicative of any security breach.

In conclusion, an “IPS Detection Statistical Submission” notification is a sign that Norton Antivirus is actively protecting your system. It’s a part of the normal operation of an IPS. However, it’s always good practice to stay informed about the security tools you use and to maintain proper cybersecurity hygiene to protect against future threats.

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