From Despair to Display: How I Fixed My RTX 3080 and Kept My Cool


After further attempts involving power cable adjustments and preparing to run DDU from a friend’s PC, I managed to boot with the 1080ti. It appears the issue was related to a ‘0d’ start code error and RAM, which was not problematic until recently. Now, I plan to clean install drivers to ensure compatibility with the RTX 3080.

Ultimately, I resolved the issue, which was due to a combination of RAM stick errors and driver conflicts. Despite the daunting appearance of the problem, it was less severe than anticipated. My 850W PSU is sufficient, with the system drawing about 400W under stress tests without overclocking, leaving ample headroom. Notably, my setup includes four SATA devices and a liquid cooler for the CPU. A single PCIe cable split into two also suffices without causing excessive heat. Thanks to the community’s support, I avoided having to return the GPU.”

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In the intricate world of PC building, the black screen issue is a formidable foe that can test the mettle of even the most seasoned enthusiasts. This narrative unfolds with a twist of fate involving a cutting-edge RTX 3080 graphics card, a perplexing ‘0d’ start code error, and a community rallying to aid a fellow member in distress.

The journey began with the installation of a brand-new RTX 3080, which was met with a disheartening black screen. Despite the GPU fans spinning, the absence of a display output was baffling. The plot thickened when reverting to the trusty GTX 1080ti failed to alleviate the issue, leaving both GPUs shrouded in darkness before the BIOS could even greet the screen.

The Investigation:

Determined to unravel the mystery, our protagonist embarked on a series of troubleshooting escapades. Clearing the CMOS, swapping batteries, experimenting with alternative PCIe slots, and scrutinizing cables were all part of the initial foray. Yet, the black screen remained, an unwavering sentinel blocking the path to digital enlightenment.

The Breakthrough:

It was not until power cable adjustments were made and plans to run DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) from a friend’s PC were set in motion that a glimmer of hope emerged. Miraculously, the system booted with the 1080ti, revealing the true culprits: a ‘0d’ start code error and RAM inconsistencies that had previously coexisted in harmony with the system.

The Resolution:

With newfound knowledge and the support of a vibrant online community, our protagonist performed a clean driver installation, ensuring the RTX 3080’s compatibility. The resolution was sweet, as the issue, once a daunting specter, was reduced to a mere hiccup. The 850W power supply unit (PSU) proved its mettle, comfortably powering the system with ample headroom, even under the duress of stress tests sans overclocking.

The Epilogue:

The tale concludes with a system fully operational, drawing a modest 400W, and a single PCIe cable efficiently split into two, managing the thermal load with grace. The ensemble of four SATA devices and a liquid cooler for the Ryzen 3700x CPU harmonized, ensuring a stable and cool performance.

In the end, it was the collective wisdom and encouragement of the community that averted the return of the GPU. This story serves as a testament to the power of collaboration and the importance of perseverance in the face of technological adversity.

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