Expert Tips for Restoring Fan Control Lost to Software Clashes


“I’m seeking expert advice on resolving a fan control issue on my PC. After installing an Asrock RX 6800 graphics card on my Ryzen 5700X with an Asus TUG B550M-Plus motherboard, I encountered a problem with the RGB lighting. I attempted to disable it using an outdated version of Asus Aura, which led me to install AsRock’s Polychrome RGB software. This software unexpectedly removed the files for both Aura and AI Suite 3, leaving me without fan control capabilities. Despite uninstalling the intrusive software, I’m unable to reinstall AI Suite due to residual partial installation. Additionally, alternative fan control software I’ve tried misaligns the PWM signal with the fan speed percentage, causing the fans to run slower than intended, even at maximum settings. Could you provide guidance on completely removing the remnants of Asus’s software or recommend reliable fan control software that functions correctly?”


A user has encountered a fan control conundrum after installing an Asrock RX 6800 graphics card into a system powered by a Ryzen 5700X CPU and an Asus TUG B550M-Plus motherboard. The root of the issue stems from a clash between RGB lighting control software. The user’s attempt to disable the RGB strip via an outdated Asus Aura version led to the installation of AsRock’s Polychrome RGB software, which subsequently removed files related to Aura and AI Suite 3 without permission. This action has left the user without fan control capabilities. Uninstalling the Asrock software did not resolve the issue, as AI Suite cannot be reinstalled due to remnants of its previous installation. Furthermore, alternative fan control software has failed to correctly map the PWM signal to fan speed percentages, resulting in suboptimal fan performance.

Expert Advice:

To tackle the problem of residual software components hindering the reinstallation of AI Suite, one can take the following steps:


Manual Cleanup:

Begin by manually searching for and deleting any remaining Asus-related folders and registry entries. This can be a meticulous process and should be done with caution to avoid affecting system stability.


Registry Cleaning:

Use a reliable registry cleaning tool to scan for and fix any issues related to the incomplete uninstallation of AI Suite.


Fresh Installation:

Once all remnants are cleared, attempt a fresh installation of AI Suite. If the standard installer fails, look for a ‘clean’ installation option within the installer settings, or use a standalone uninstaller provided by Asus, if available.


Contact Support:

If these steps do not yield success, reaching out to Asus customer support can provide additional guidance and potentially a specialized tool to remove the stubborn software components.

For the issue of fan control software not properly mapping the PWM signal, consider these suggestions:


Software Update:

Ensure that the fan control software is up to date. Developers often release patches to fix such bugs.


Alternative Software:

Research and test other reputable fan control applications. Look for software that specifically supports your motherboard model to ensure compatibility.


BIOS Settings:

Explore the BIOS settings for fan control options. Modern motherboards often include robust fan control features that can be adjusted without the need for additional software.


Community Forums:

Engage with PC hardware forums. The community might have encountered similar issues and can offer solutions or recommend software that has worked for them.


Resolving software conflicts and finding reliable fan control solutions can be challenging. However, with a systematic approach to removing software remnants and exploring alternative fan control methods, one can regain control over their PC’s thermal management. Remember to proceed with caution when making changes to system files and registry entries, and consider professional assistance if you’re unsure about any step in the process.

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