Expert Tips for Fixing Session Start Errors in SEB


Could you provide guidance on resolving a Session start error with the Safe Exam Browser? It fails to initiate a new session, and advises consulting the log files for further details. What steps should be taken to troubleshoot this issue?


Encountering a Session start error in the Safe Exam Browser (SEB) can be a significant hurdle when attempting to take an online exam. This error prevents the initiation of a new session and typically prompts the user to consult the log files for more information. To address this issue, follow the troubleshooting steps outlined below:

Step 1: Restart the SEB Service

Begin by restarting the SEB service on your computer. You can do this by:

  • Pressing `Windows + R` to open the Run dialog.
  • Typing `services.msc` and clicking OK.
  • In the Services window, locate the Safe Exam Browser Service.
  • Right-click on it and select Restart.

Step 2: Check for Software Conflicts

Ensure that no security or antivirus software is blocking SEB from functioning properly. If you suspect a conflict, try temporarily disabling the antivirus or adding SEB as an exception to the software’s whitelist.

Step 3: Verify SEB Installation and Configuration

Make sure that SEB is installed correctly on your system. If you’re unsure, consider reinstalling SEB. Also, verify that SEB is properly configured for the exam you’re attempting to take. This may involve using a specific configuration file provided by the exam administrator.

Step 4: Consult the Log Files

If the issue persists, the SEB log files can offer more detailed information. Locate the log files on your device and review them for any error messages or clues that could point to the cause of the problem. The log files are typically found in the SEB folder within your system’s Program Files directory.

Step 5: Update Your Operating System

An outdated operating system can sometimes cause compatibility issues with applications like SEB. Ensure that your Windows OS is up to date by checking for and installing any available updates.

Step 6: Contact Support

If you’ve followed all the above steps and the issue remains unresolved, it’s time to reach out for help. Contact the support team for SEB or the institution administering the exam for further assistance.

By systematically following these steps, you should be able to resolve the Session start error and proceed with your exam. Remember, it’s crucial to address such issues well before the exam to avoid last-minute stress.

This guide should help you troubleshoot the Session start error in SEB. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to the SEB support team or your institution’s technical support staff.

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