Expert Insights: The Lenovo Legion Slim 5i’s Stubborn Battery Woes


“I’m seeking expert advice regarding a charging issue with my Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8. Despite being a recent purchase and functioning well after adding a second Samsung 990 2TB Pro SSD, I’ve encountered a persistent problem where the battery remains at 0% and doesn’t charge. I’m confident the installation of the SSD didn’t cause a short circuit. Is it possible that the original battery isn’t capable of supporting two SSDs?”


When it comes to the Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8, users expect a seamless experience, especially considering its reputation for robust performance and reliability. However, a recent query has brought to light a charging issue that could be a cause for concern for those looking to expand their device’s storage capabilities with an additional SSD.

A user has reported that after installing a second Samsung 990 2TB Pro SSD, their Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8’s battery life plummeted to 0% and has since refused to charge. This is particularly puzzling given that the laptop was functioning perfectly post-installation and there was no indication of a short circuit during the process.

Investigating the Possibilities

Could the original battery be incapable of supporting two SSDs? To answer this, we must consider the power consumption of SSDs. Generally, SSDs are favored for their efficiency and low power draw compared to traditional hard drives. The power consumption of an SSD slightly increases with capacity but is usually negligible. Therefore, it’s unlikely that the addition of a second SSD would strain the battery to the point of failure.

Troubleshooting Steps

Before jumping to conclusions about hardware incompatibilities, it’s essential to explore all possible causes and solutions:


Check for Software Updates

: Lenovo recommends keeping your BIOS, drivers, operating system, and applications up to date to ensure optimal battery performance.


Battery Health Assessment

: Use Lenovo Vantage or Windows to check the battery’s health. If the battery is relatively new, it should not have degraded to such an extent.


Power Supply Check

: Ensure the power adapter is functioning correctly. A faulty adapter could lead to charging issues, as seen in various user reports.


Contact Support

: If the above steps do not resolve the issue, reaching out to Lenovo support for professional assistance would be the next course of action.

Expert Conclusion

In conclusion, while the addition of a second SSD should not directly cause the battery to fail, it’s crucial to consider all variables, including software, hardware, and external accessories like the power adapter. By methodically troubleshooting and seeking expert support when necessary, users can hopefully resolve the charging issue and return to enjoying the full capabilities of their Lenovo Legion Slim 5i Gen 8.

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