EMCO’s Approach to Accurate Network Inventory Data


In what ways does EMCO Network Inventory Enterprise maintain precise data in its inventory management system?


EMCO Network Inventory performs remote audits automatically, collecting hardware and software information from PCs across the network without requiring client module installation. This automation ensures that data is consistently up-to-date and accurate.

Centralized Database

All collected inventory information is stored in a centralized database. This approach provides a comprehensive overview of network assets, allowing for effective tracking and management of resources.

Advanced Scanning Techniques

The software employs advanced scanning techniques that do not require complex network configuration, logon scripts, or WMI manipulation. These techniques are designed to work in various environments and contribute to the accuracy of the collected data.

Detailed and Custom Scans

EMCO Network Inventory offers detailed and custom scan options, enabling administrators to tailor the audit process to their specific needs. This flexibility helps in capturing the most relevant and precise data for their network inventory.

Software License Audit

The tool also includes a software license audit feature, which helps in ensuring compliance and optimizing software purchases and upgrades. By accurately tracking licenses, organizations can avoid legal issues and unnecessary expenditures.

Powerful Reporting Module

With its powerful reporting module, EMCO Network Inventory can generate a wide range of reports, aiding in the analysis and decision-making process. These reports are based on the accurate data collected, ensuring that they reflect the true state of the network’s inventory.

In summary, EMCO Network Inventory Enterprise maintains data accuracy through automated processes, centralized data storage, advanced scanning options, and comprehensive reporting capabilities. These features work together to provide network administrators with reliable and precise inventory management.

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