Effortless Updates: How Email Signatures Sync with Your Profile


Is it possible for Policy Patrol Signatures to automatically synchronize with my personal details?


Here’s how it works:

Policy Patrol Signatures can integrate with your organization’s directory services, such as Active Directory. This means that any changes made to your profile in the directory—like a new job title or contact number—can be reflected in your email signature automatically.

Customizable Templates:

You can create customizable templates that include fields linked to your directory information. When you select a template for your signature, it pulls the relevant data from the directory to populate these fields.

Security and Compliance:

The synchronization process is secure, ensuring that your personal information is handled in compliance with privacy regulations. Only the necessary details are used to update the signatures, and access to this data is typically restricted based on organizational policies.

Ease of Use:

Once set up, the auto-update feature runs in the background, requiring no additional input from you. This seamless integration saves time and maintains consistency across all employee email signatures within the organization.


The ability to auto-update signatures with personal details not only streamlines the process of maintaining professional and accurate email communication but also reinforces brand identity and compliance. It’s a smart feature that leverages the power of automation to keep signatures up-to-date effortlessly.

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