Dual Protocol Defense: The SFTP and FTPS Capabilities of Cerberus FTP Server


Could you confirm if Cerberus FTP Server provides support for both SFTP and FTPS protocols?


Cerberus FTP Server fully embraces the SFTP protocol, which utilizes the SSH2 protocol to provide a secure file transfer capability. This means that file transfers are encrypted and protected from unauthorized access. Administrators have the option to allow clients to use public key authentication for SFTP connections, adding an extra layer of security.

FTPS Support:

On the FTPS front, Cerberus FTP Server supports both explicit SSL/TLS encryption (FTPES) and implicit SSL/TLS (FTPS). This ensures that data transmitted over these protocols is encrypted and secure, meeting or exceeding global security standards. Cerberus’s FTPS server encryption options include TLS-3-enabled encryption support for RSA and DSA, along with file transfer integrity checking using strong checksums based on SHA-512, SHA-256, or SHA-1 cryptographic hashes.

In summary, Cerberus FTP Server provides comprehensive support for both SFTP and FTPS protocols, ensuring secure and reliable file transfers that comply with stringent security standards. Whether you’re transferring sensitive financial data, confidential client information, or simply looking for a secure way to handle file transfers, Cerberus FTP Server has you covered with its robust support for these essential secure file transfer protocols..

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