DTM Data Generator: A Guide to Supported File Formats


In which file formats is the DTM Data Generator capable of exporting generated datasets?


: The DTM Data Generator can export data as text files, providing options for either delimited formats with user-defined separators or fixed-width columns. This flexibility allows the exported data to be easily imported into other applications or used for further processing.

HTML Files

: For those who need to present data in a web-friendly format, the DTM Data Generator can export datasets as HTML files. This is particularly useful for creating reports or data summaries that can be viewed in a web browser.

XML Documents

: XML is a widely-used format for data exchange due to its structured and flexible nature. The DTM Data Generator supports exporting data to XML documents, making it easy to integrate with systems that utilize XML for data import.

RTF Documents

: Rich Text Format (RTF) is a format used for document exchange that retains formatting across different word processing applications. The DTM Data Generator can export data to RTF documents, ensuring that the data presentation is maintained when opened in various text editors.

SQL Statements

: For direct database interaction, the DTM Data Generator can generate SQL statements, including both INSERT and UPDATE commands. This allows for immediate execution of the statements to populate or update a database without additional steps.

Microsoft® Excel

: For users who work extensively with spreadsheets, the DTM Data Generator provides the capability to export directly to Microsoft® Excel, provided that Microsoft Excel is installed on the user’s system. This feature streamlines the process of analyzing and manipulating data within Excel.

It’s important to note that while the DTM Data Generator offers a robust set of export options, it does not support the export of long binary data types, also known as BLOBs. This limitation should be considered when working with large binary objects.

In summary, the DTM Data Generator’s export functionality covers a broad spectrum of file formats, catering to different use cases and ensuring compatibility with various data handling and analysis tools. Whether you need to generate reports, populate databases, or prepare data for different environments, the DTM Data Generator’s export features are designed to make the process efficient and user-friendly.

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