Does Your CSS HTML Validator Pro Check JavaScript? Find Out Here!


I would be interested to know if CSS HTML Validator Pro includes the capability to validate JavaScript code as part of its feature set?


CSS HTML Validator Pro includes a feature for checking JavaScript syntax within HTML documents. This is crucial because JavaScript is an integral part of modern web development, and errors in JavaScript code can lead to functionality issues on websites. By incorporating JavaScript validation, CSS HTML Validator Pro helps developers catch and correct mistakes before they affect the user experience.

Beyond Syntax Checking:

While syntax checking is essential, CSS HTML Validator Pro goes further by providing insights into best practices and common coding errors. This means that it can help developers write not only correct but also efficient and optimized JavaScript code.

Integration with Other Technologies:

In addition to JavaScript, CSS HTML Validator Pro supports validation for other technologies such as PHP and SEO, making it a versatile tool for a wide range of web development tasks. Its integrated editor and powerful Batch Wizard in the Pro and Enterprise editions allow for easy validation of entire websites or multiple HTML documents.

User Configurability:

One of the strengths of CSS HTML Validator Pro is its user configurability. It allows customization of validation messages and the addition of new tags and attributes through the Configuration Editor. This level of customization ensures that the tool can adapt to the specific needs of each project and developer.


In summary, CSS HTML Validator Pro is equipped with the capability to validate JavaScript code, providing a robust solution for developers looking to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of their web pages. Its comprehensive feature set and user configurability make it a valuable asset in any web developer’s toolkit.

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