Dial ‘M’ for Mystery: The Case of the Misplaced Lipstick


“Recently, my girlfriend received an unusual text from an unknown number inquiring about a lipstick supposedly left in her car. Despite my suggestion to engage with the sender, she declined, prompting me to respond myself. The conversation that ensued was odd—the sender repeated their initial question when I greeted them, claimed the lipstick was yellow when asked about its color, and later asked about a ‘caliber’ without further context. After expressing concern about being a bother, they ceased communication when I offered further assistance. This encounter was peculiar as there were no attempts to prompt a link click or a sales pitch, and it seems unlikely to be a case of mistaken identity given their immediate inquiry about the lipstick upon my text. Have you encountered such scenarios before? What could be the explanation for this type of communication? I would value any insights on this matter.”


In a world where digital communication is as common as the air we breathe, encountering peculiar texts from unknown numbers isn’t entirely out of the ordinary. However, the scenario you’ve described is intriguing and warrants a closer examination.

The text received by your girlfriend about a lipstick left in her car is, at first glance, a classic case of a wrong number—or is it? The insistence on the item being in her car and the specificity of the color yellow raise questions. Yellow is an unusual color for lipstick, which could imply that the message was a coded inquiry or a conversation starter with an ulterior motive.

Engaging the Sender

Your decision to engage with the sender brought about a repetition of the initial question, suggesting either a scripted response or a lack of attention to the conversation’s flow. This could be indicative of a bot designed to initiate contact without the capacity to sustain a dynamic interaction.

The Mention of ‘Caliber’

The term ‘caliber’ adds another layer of mystery. In one context, ‘caliber’ refers to the quality or capacity of an individual, but it’s also a term used to describe the diameter of a bullet or the internal diameter of a gun barrel. Without additional context, it’s challenging to discern the sender’s intent. It could be a miscommunication, a metaphorical expression, or even a veiled threat.

The Abrupt End

The sender’s sudden halt in communication after expressing concern about being bothersome is peculiar. It could suggest a realization that the conversation wasn’t leading to the intended outcome, or it might have been a tactic to elicit sympathy and lower defenses.

Possible Explanations

There are several potential explanations for this type of communication:


A Prank or Social Experiment

: The sender might be conducting a social experiment or playing a prank, gauging reactions to odd and unexpected texts.


A Bot or Automated Service

: The repetitive nature of the conversation hints at the possibility of an automated text bot malfunctioning or following a script.


A Phishing Attempt

: While no links were shared, the conversation could be an initial step in a more elaborate phishing scheme, with the sender testing the waters before making a more direct approach.


A Case of Mistaken Identity

: Despite the immediate inquiry about the lipstick, it’s still possible that the sender mistook your girlfriend’s number for someone else’s and was using a personal reference to confirm the recipient’s identity.


Without further evidence or continued interaction, it’s difficult to pinpoint the exact nature of this communication. It’s a reminder that in the digital age, not all messages are what they seem, and maintaining a healthy skepticism can be crucial. If similar incidents occur, it might be worth considering blocking the number or reporting it to prevent potential harassment or scams.

In any case, your experience adds to the ever-growing anthology of digital communication mysteries. While we may not have a definitive answer, your account serves as a fascinating glimpse into the oddities that can arise in our interconnected world.

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