Deploy Once, Deploy Everywhere: Replicating Windows 10 Configurations with Ease


“How can I configure a single Windows 10 PC with specific Group Policy and registry edits, and then replicate these configurations across multiple laptops that will use local accounts only? I’m aiming for a streamlined process to deploy a debloated Windows setup without the need for manual configuration on each device, preferably by exporting the Group Policy settings to a script that can be executed on each new PC to mirror the setup of the initial one.”


In the quest for efficiency, IT professionals often seek methods to deploy a consistent Windows 10 environment across multiple machines without the tedium of manual setup. The solution lies in the ability to configure one PC with the desired Group Policy and registry settings and then replicate this configuration across other laptops. This process not only saves time but also ensures uniformity in the deployment of a debloated Windows setup.

Initial Configuration of the Master PC

The first step involves setting up a single Windows 10 PC with all the necessary Group Policy Objects (GPOs) and registry edits. This includes disabling unnecessary services, uninstalling default apps, and making any other tweaks to ensure the system is lean and tailored to your requirements.

Exporting Group Policy Settings

Once the master PC is configured, the next step is to export the Group Policy settings. This can be done using the built-in Group Policy Management Console (GPMC). By right-clicking on the desired GPO and selecting “Back up,” you can save a copy of the policy settings.

Creating a Script for Deployment

With the GPO settings backed up, you can create a script to automate the deployment process on other PCs. PowerShell scripts are particularly adept for this task, as they can import GPO settings and apply registry edits with precision. The script should include commands to import the GPO settings and apply the necessary registry changes.

Cloning and Deploying

The final step is to clone the configured PC’s image and deploy it across the other laptops. Tools like Sysprep can be used to generalize the Windows installation before capturing the image. Afterward, deployment tools such as Windows Deployment Services (WDS) or Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) can be used to apply the image to other laptops.


By following these steps, you can efficiently replicate a customized Windows 10 setup across multiple laptops with local accounts. This method not only streamlines the deployment process but also ensures that each PC is set up consistently with the same debloated configuration, saving valuable time and resources.

Remember, while this article provides a general overview, it’s important to tailor the process to your specific environment and test thoroughly before widespread deployment.

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