Decoding the Icon Sizes in CW Folder Icon Pack 2


Could you provide the pixel dimensions for the icons included in the CW Folder Icon Pack 2?


The icons in the CW Folder Icon Pack 2 come in various pixel dimensions to ensure they are versatile for different uses. While the exact dimensions can vary, icons typically come in standard sizes that are most commonly used across different operating systems and applications.

Standard Sizes:

  • 16×16 pixels:

    This size is often used for lists or small icon views.

  • 32×32 pixels:

    A common size for desktop icons and used in detailed lists.

  • 48×48 pixels:

    This size can be used for desktop icons and provides a clear view on various displays.

  • 64×64 pixels:

    Larger icons that are suitable for presentations or high-resolution displays.

  • 128×128 pixels:

    These are used for dock applications or when a larger icon view is needed.

  • 256×256 pixels:

    The largest standard size, used for high-resolution displays to ensure clarity.

  • File Formats:

    The icons are available in two file formats:

  • ICO:

    The standard format used by Windows operating systems for icons.

  • PNG:

    A versatile format that can be used for web applications and supports transparency.

  • Customization and Use:

    Users can select the appropriate icon size based on their needs, whether it’s for a small toolbar icon or a larger icon for a folder on the desktop. The variety in sizes ensures that the icons are sharp and clear on all types of displays, from traditional monitors to high-definition screens.


    The CW Folder Icon Pack 2 offers a range of pixel dimensions to cater to various display requirements, ensuring that each icon looks its best regardless of where it’s used. With both ICO and PNG formats available, users have the flexibility to use these icons across different platforms and applications.

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