Decoding the Blinking Lights: A Deep Dive into Modem Signals and Cable Integrity


Could the use of an ethernet splitter lead to permanent damage to the cable? Additionally, what could explain the delay in the onset of these issues, considering the setup was initially successful? After swapping the cables at the modem, the previously problematic cable exhibited the same yellow flashing on a different port, yet the TV’s performance improved.

The modem in question is a two-year-old CenturyLink model. I would appreciate any insights or assistance you can provide on this matter. Thank you.”


Ethernet splitters are handy devices that allow you to connect multiple devices to a single Ethernet cable. They work by utilizing unused wires in a standard Ethernet cable, effectively turning one connection into two. This can be particularly useful when you have a limited number of cables or ports available.

The short answer is no; an Ethernet splitter itself is unlikely to cause permanent damage to an Ethernet cable. These splitters are designed to work with the existing wiring without altering the physical structure of the cable. However, if a splitter is not used correctly, or if it’s of poor quality, it could potentially lead to performance issues.

Why Did the Issues Appear After a Few Days?

The delay in the onset of issues after the initial successful setup could be due to several factors. It’s possible that the splitter was functioning correctly at first, but over time, a connection may have become loose or the splitter may have developed a fault. Another possibility is that the splitter is not compatible with the devices it’s connected to, leading to intermittent problems that only became apparent after a few days of use.

Flashing Yellow Light on the Modem

A flashing yellow light on an Ethernet port typically indicates that the connection is established, but the data is being transmitted at a lower speed than possible. This could be due to the limitations of the splitter, as it divides the connection, potentially reducing the maximum speed each device can achieve. It’s also worth noting that different manufacturers may use different color codes for their port lights, so it’s important to consult the modem’s manual for the specific meaning of a yellow light.

Improvement After Swapping Cables

The fact that swapping the cables at the modem led to an improvement suggests that the issue may lie with the cable itself or the port on the modem. It’s possible that the cable has been damaged or that the port on the modem is malfunctioning. Given that the modem is two years old, wear and tear could be a factor, or it could be a sign of a more significant issue with the modem.


In conclusion, while an Ethernet splitter is unlikely to cause permanent damage to a cable, it can introduce performance issues if not used correctly. If you’re experiencing problems, it’s worth checking the connections, the quality of the splitter, and the compatibility with your devices. Additionally, consider the age and condition of your modem, as this could also be a contributing factor to the network issues you’re facing.

For further assistance with your CenturyLink modem, you might want to consider reaching out to their support for troubleshooting steps or to check if there are any known issues with your particular model. Remember, maintaining a stable and efficient home network sometimes requires a bit of detective work to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem.

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