Customizing Your Monitoring View with logFACES Dashboards


What are the steps for personalizing dashboards within the logFACES suite?


: Log in to your logFACES account and navigate to the dashboard area.


Choose a Layout

: Select from the pre-defined dashboard layouts or create a new one that suits your monitoring requirements.


Add Widgets

: Widgets are the building blocks of your dashboard. You can add various widgets that display logs, charts, alerts, or summaries.


Configure Widgets

: Each widget can be configured to show specific log data. Set filters, time ranges, and other parameters to display the exact information you need.


Arrange Widgets

: Drag and drop widgets to arrange them on your dashboard. You can place them in a way that highlights the most critical information for quick access.


Set Permissions

: If you’re an admin, you can set permissions for other users. Decide who can view or edit the dashboard based on their role in the organization.


Save Your Dashboard

: Once you’re satisfied with the setup, save your dashboard. You can also set it as the default view if it’s the one you want to see when you log in.


Share Your Dashboard

: If needed, share your customized dashboard with team members. This ensures everyone is on the same page and monitoring the same metrics.

Remember, the goal of personalizing your dashboard is to make the data more accessible and actionable for you. By following these steps, you can ensure that your logFACES dashboard is working effectively to support your enterprise’s logging needs.

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