Control Flow Guard: Boosting Windows 11 Gaming at the Cost of Security?


“Is it advisable to deactivate the Control Flow Guard feature in Windows 11 to enhance gaming performance, and could this action potentially compromise the integrity of my computer system?”


, a security feature designed to prevent memory corruption attacks. The question arises: should gamers disable CFG to improve their gaming experience, and what are the risks involved?

Understanding Control Flow Guard

CFG is a built-in security feature in Windows 11 that aims to combat memory corruption vulnerabilities by placing checks that prevent the execution of malicious code. This feature is particularly effective against ransomware attacks and is part of the broader Exploit Protection capabilities of Windows Defender.

Impact on Gaming Performance

Recent benchmarks have shown that security features like CFG can indeed have an impact on gaming performance. For instance, an 11th-gen Intel chip saw an average performance reduction in the 5% range, with a peak of 7% in one title. AMD Ryzen systems experienced a slightly smaller impact, with a 4% average and an outlier of 8% loss in one title. These figures suggest that while the impact exists, it’s relatively modest for most games.

The Trade-Off

The decision to disable CFG should not be taken lightly. While there may be a slight gain in performance, it comes at the cost of potentially exposing your system to security risks. CFG provides a significant layer of defense against certain types of cyberattacks, and disabling it could leave your PC vulnerable.


Microsoft does not explicitly recommend disabling CFG for gaming PCs. However, for enthusiasts who prioritize performance and are aware of the risks, CFG can be turned off. It’s crucial to note that this should only be done if you have robust alternative security measures in place and are vigilant about the software you install and the websites you visit.


In conclusion, while disabling CFG in Windows 11 might offer a minor boost to gaming performance, it is not generally advisable due to the increased security risk. Gamers should weigh the performance benefits against the potential vulnerabilities they might expose their systems to. For most, the smarter choice would be to keep CFG enabled and enjoy gaming with the peace of mind that their system is safeguarded against exploits.

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