Climbing the IT Ladder: A Tale of Growth and Unwanted Recruitment Calls


Since then, I’ve made significant strides in my career. I returned to college, left the initial job, secured an internship with a much higher wage, and earned four IT certifications. Now, I’m working with advanced technology that I once thought was beyond my reach, and I’m quite content with my current employment situation.

Despite this progress, I’m continuously approached by recruiters from TEKsystems, who persistently offer me positions with compensation far below my current earnings. They contact me at inconvenient times and present job listings that seem to demand the skills of an entire IT department from a single individual. Even after informing them of my salary, new recruiters reach out every couple of weeks with similar propositions. It’s become an unwelcome and relentless pursuit.

For those new to the IT field, I would advise steering clear of TEKsystems and withholding your personal information from them. Local, smaller companies may offer better employment experiences. These large recruiting firms can be persistent in their contact, which has been a lesson learned the hard way for me.

In response to the numerous comments on my previous post, while I appreciate the diverse perspectives, I am reassured that many share my sentiments regarding this matter. I’m also curious about others’ experiences with recruiters, particularly how some have managed to receive more personalized attention, such as being invited to meals, which contrasts sharply with the scripted interactions I’ve encountered.”


The transition from a novice in the IT field to a seasoned professional is a journey marked by continuous learning, growth, and sometimes, unexpected challenges. My own path has been a testament to this evolution. Eighteen months ago, I embarked on my IT career as a Help Desk Agent, a role that was both demanding and eye-opening. The experience, albeit tough, was a stepping stone that propelled me to seek further education and professional development.

Determined to advance, I returned to college and left my initial job to pursue an internship that offered a substantial increase in pay. This period of academic and practical learning was complemented by the achievement of four IT certifications, each serving as a milestone towards expertise in the field. The result? I found myself working with cutting-edge technology that once seemed unattainable, and today, I am more than satisfied with where I stand in my career.

The Relentless Chase by Recruiters

However, this progress has not shielded me from the persistent outreach of recruiters from TEKsystems. Despite my clear advancement and current satisfaction with my role, they continue to offer positions that are not commensurate with my experience or expectations. Their calls come at inconvenient times, and the job descriptions often seem unrealistic, requiring the capabilities of an entire IT department in one person. Even after transparent discussions about my salary, the cycle of contact from new recruiters is unending and unwelcome.

Advice for Aspiring IT Professionals

To those who are just beginning their journey in IT, I offer this advice: be cautious with whom you share your personal information, especially with large recruiting firms like TEKsystems. Smaller, local companies may provide a more nurturing and rewarding work environment. My experience with persistent recruiters serves as a cautionary tale of the importance of protecting your personal data and being selective about your professional affiliations.

Community Insights and Personal Reflections

The feedback from my previous post has been a mix of support and criticism. While some comments have been less than favorable, the majority resonate with my experience, confirming that my situation is not unique. I am intrigued by the varied experiences others have had with recruiters, particularly those who have enjoyed more personalized interactions. It’s a stark contrast to the scripted conversations I’ve endured and a reminder that the recruitment experience can vary widely.

In conclusion, the journey through the IT landscape is one of personal and professional growth. It requires resilience, a willingness to learn, and a discerning approach to opportunities. By sharing my story, I hope to shed light on the realities of the recruitment process and encourage others to navigate it with awareness and intention.

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