CISA’s Latest Release: Assessing the ScubaGear Tool and Microsoft 365 Baselines


As an expert, could you share your insights on the implementation of the Microsoft 365 secure configuration baselines and the ScubaGear tool released by CISA on December 21, 2023? Are there any telemetry concerns associated with running these scripts? Additionally, considering these resources are provided by the CISA, a U.S. government agency, how would you assess their safety and reliability for use?


The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) took a significant step towards enhancing cloud security by releasing the Microsoft 365 Secure Configuration Baselines and the ScubaGear tool on December 21, 2023. These resources aim to bolster the security and resilience of organizations’ Microsoft 365 cloud services.

Understanding the Microsoft 365 Secure Configuration Baselines

The Microsoft 365 Secure Configuration Baselines provide a set of comprehensive guidelines designed to secure cloud-based services. These baselines are the culmination of extensive collaboration and feedback from various stakeholders, including a public comment period and pilot programs with federal agencies. The baselines offer easily adoptable policy configuration recommendations that can be tailored to meet the unique requirements and risk tolerance levels of different agencies.

ScubaGear Tool: A Closer Look

Developed alongside the baselines, the ScubaGear tool is an automated assessment tool that evaluates an organization’s Microsoft 365 configurations against CISA’s security baselines. The tool has been enhanced with increased automation, which streamlines the assessment process and reduces the effort required by organizations to align with the recommended policies.

Telemetry Concerns

When it comes to telemetry, the primary concern for organizations is the potential for sensitive data to be inadvertently transmitted outside the organization’s control. However, CISA’s resources, including the ScubaGear tool, are designed with a security-first approach. While specific details on telemetry handling by the ScubaGear tool are not explicitly stated in the available documentation, CISA’s track record and the nature of the tool suggest that telemetry concerns are likely addressed with the necessary precautions to prevent unauthorized data access or transmission.

Safety and Reliability of CISA-Provided Resources

CISA is known for its role as the nation’s risk advisor, working collaboratively to defend against threats and build more secure and resilient infrastructure. The agency’s commitment to cybersecurity and infrastructure security is well-established, and its resources are generally considered reliable and safe for use. The fact that these tools and baselines are provided by a U.S. government agency adds a layer of trust and accountability, ensuring that they are developed with a high standard of security and are continuously updated to address emerging threats.


The release of the Microsoft 365 Secure Configuration Baselines and the ScubaGear tool by CISA represents a proactive approach to cloud security. Organizations are encouraged to review and implement these baselines while utilizing the ScubaGear tool to assess and enhance their security posture. With CISA’s reputation for reliability and a strong focus on security, these resources are a valuable asset for securing cloud business applications.

I hope this article provides a comprehensive answer to the question and offers valuable insights into the implementation and safety of CISA’s resources.

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