Cigati Email Migration: Adapting to Diverse File Format Needs


Could you inform me about the range of file formats that the Cigati Email Migration Tool facilitates for export purposes?


  • Personal Storage Table (.PST)

    : Ideal for Microsoft Outlook users, allowing the archiving of emails in a format native to this popular email client.

  • EML (.EML)

    : A format used by several email clients like Windows Live Mail and Outlook Express.

  • EMLX (.EMLX)

    : Specifically for Apple Mail, this format is similar to EML but designed for macOS.

  • Message (.MSG)

    : Another format for Microsoft Outlook, representing individual email messages.

  • Comma-Separated Values (.CSV)

    : Useful for exporting email contacts and other data that can be read by spreadsheet programs.

  • Mailbox (.MBOX)

    : A generic mailbox format used by clients like Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail.

  • In addition to these email-specific formats, the Cigati tool can export emails into various non-email file formats, providing flexibility for different use cases:

  • Portable Document Format (.PDF)

    : For creating secure and portable copies of your emails.

  • Graphics Interchange Format (.GIF), JPEG (.JPG), and Portable Network Graphics (.PNG)

    : These image formats are useful for converting email content into images, perhaps for presentations or web use.

  • Rich Text Format (.DOC), Word Document (.DOCX), and Word Document Macro-Enabled (.DOCM)

    : For those who need to edit email content in Microsoft Word or similar word processors.

  • JavaScript Object Notation (.JSON)

    : A lightweight data-interchange format, handy for developers or for data analysis purposes.

  • The tool also boasts features like bulk conversion, selective backup with mail filter options, and maintaining folder hierarchy, ensuring that your email migration is both efficient and accurate.

    Whether you’re an individual looking to back up personal correspondence or a business needing to migrate entire mailboxes, the Cigati Email Migration Tool’s support for multiple file formats makes it a robust solution for your email management needs.

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