CBackupper and Large Files: What You Need to Know


Could you inform me about the file size restrictions when backing up with CBackupper?


When considering a backup solution like CBackupper, it’s essential to understand the limitations that come with the service, particularly regarding file size restrictions. CBackupper is designed to facilitate the transfer and backup of files across various cloud storage services, offering a convenient way to manage your data backups.

File Size Considerations

CBackupper does not explicitly state a maximum file size limit, which suggests that the service can handle large files that are typical within the storage limits of the connected cloud services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive. However, it’s important to note that while CBackupper itself might not restrict file sizes, the cloud services you use with it will have their own limitations.

Cloud Service Limits

For instance, Google Drive allows individual files up to 5 TB, Dropbox has a file size limit of 50 GB for uploads via the desktop application, and OneDrive offers a maximum file size of 100 GB per file for personal accounts. These limits are crucial to consider when setting up your backups with CBackupper.

Efficiency and Performance

Moreover, even if large file sizes are supported, the efficiency of backing up and restoring these files can be affected by their size. Larger files will naturally take longer to upload or download, and this could impact the performance of the backup process, especially if you’re working with a slower internet connection.

Best Practices

To ensure optimal performance, it’s recommended to:

  • Compress large files before backing them up.
  • Use a stable and fast internet connection for transfers.
  • Schedule backups during off-peak hours to avoid bandwidth congestion.
  • Regularly monitor your backups to verify that they have completed successfully.


In summary, while CBackupper does not impose its own file size restrictions, it operates within the constraints of the cloud services it supports. By understanding these limits and following best practices, you can make the most of CBackupper’s capabilities to secure your data effectively.

Remember, always check the specific terms and conditions of the cloud service you’re using with CBackupper to ensure compliance with their file size restrictions.

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