Capture the Big Screen: Best Apps for Cinematic Photography


Could you recommend professional-grade applications that excel in adding cinematic effects to photographs?


: This versatile app offers a range of creative tools that can help you achieve a cinematic photo effect. It’s particularly user-friendly and provides a tutorial on how to create this effect, making it accessible even for those new to photo editing.


: With a set of stunning cinematic photo effects, BeFunky allows you to transform your images into scenes reminiscent of the big screen. The app offers various customization options, enabling you to adjust the intensity and color grading to suit your vision.

YouCam Perfect

: This app is a great choice for those who prefer to edit on their phones. It simplifies the photo editing process while still offering a range of movie-style effects to make your photos look cinematic.


: While not solely a photo editing app, Scriptation is an essential tool for cinematographers. It includes features for organizing shot lists and finding reference photos, which can be useful when planning your cinematic shots.

When using these applications, consider the following elements to enhance the cinematic feel:

  • Mood

    : Aim to capture a mood that resonates with the viewer, using lighting, setting, and color.

  • Balanced Colors

    : Opt for palettes that contribute to the story you’re telling, whether it’s warm sepia tones or muted colors for a more serious vibe.

  • Contrast

    : Play with contrast to add depth and drama to your photos.

  • Remember, the key to a successful cinematic effect lies in experimentation and finding the right balance that complements your photographic style. Happy editing!

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