Can You Burn Blu-ray Discs with DeVeDe? What You Need to Know


Could you clarify whether DeVeDe has the capability to burn content onto Blu-ray discs?


While DeVeDe excels in DVD creation, it does not natively support the burning of Blu-ray discs. The software’s functionality is centered around the DVD format, and there are no features within DeVeDe that facilitate Blu-ray disc burning. Users looking to burn content onto Blu-ray discs might need to consider alternative software specifically designed for Blu-ray creation and burning.

For those who are set on using DeVeDe for their video projects but require Blu-ray support, a common workaround is to create the video project in DeVeDe and then use a different software tool that supports Blu-ray burning to complete the process. This two-step approach allows users to take advantage of DeVeDe’s user-friendly interface for the initial creation and then employ a more specialized tool for the final Blu-ray disc burning.

In summary, while DeVeDe is a powerful tool for DVD creation, it does not provide direct support for Blu-ray disc burning. Users will need to look for other software solutions if they wish to create and burn Blu-ray discs. It’s always recommended to check the latest version of any software as features can be updated or added over time. However, as of the latest information available, DeVeDe does not include Blu-ray burning capabilities..

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