Can gDoc PDF Server Read Your Scanned Documents?


Is it possible for the gDoc PDF Server to perform text extraction from scanned PDF documents?


Text extraction from scanned PDFs is a common requirement for many individuals and businesses looking to digitize and edit their documents. Scanned PDFs are essentially images of text, which means the content is not immediately editable or searchable. This is where Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology becomes essential.

gDoc PDF Server and OCR

gDoc PDF Server is a tool that can be used to manage PDF documents, including converting, merging, and, most importantly, extracting text. For text extraction, particularly from scanned documents, the server would need to have OCR capabilities.

Does gDoc PDF Server Have OCR?

While the search results do not explicitly mention gDoc PDF Server’s OCR capabilities, they do highlight the importance of OCR technology in extracting text from scanned PDFs. OCR is a technology that analyzes the shapes of letters and numbers in an image and translates them into characters that can be used in text processing applications.

Best Practices for Text Extraction

When it comes to text extraction, it’s crucial to follow best practices to ensure the accuracy of the extracted text. This includes using high-quality scans and reliable OCR software. If gDoc PDF Server includes an OCR feature, it would likely follow these best practices to provide users with the best possible results.


In conclusion, while the search results do not confirm whether gDoc PDF Server specifically offers OCR functionality, the technology is a critical component for any PDF server that aims to extract text from scanned documents. Users looking to utilize gDoc PDF Server for such purposes should verify if the server has built-in OCR capabilities or if they need to use an additional OCR tool in conjunction with it. If gDoc PDF Server does include OCR, it would be a powerful feature that adds significant value to its suite of PDF management tools.

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