Boot Loop Blues: A Step-by-Step Data Recovery Manual for Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite Users


How can I recover data from Samsung Notes on a Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite that is stuck in a boot loop after an update, considering the device is not being recognized by Samsung SmartSwitch and the recovery mode displays error messages related to locales and bitmaps? The notes have not been synced, and I would like to restore the tablet’s software without losing any app data.


Experiencing a boot loop on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Lite can be quite distressing, especially when you have crucial data trapped within Samsung Notes. The situation becomes even more complex when the device is not recognized by Samsung SmartSwitch, and recovery mode is riddled with error messages. However, there are still avenues you can explore to attempt data recovery and restore your tablet’s software without losing app data.

A boot loop occurs when a device repeatedly restarts, never reaching the complete boot phase to allow normal operation. This can be triggered by a failed update, corrupted files, or system errors. The error messages you’re seeing in recovery mode suggest issues with loading necessary resources, which could be a result of the update process going awry.

Steps for Data Recovery


Attempt a Soft Reset

: Sometimes, a simple soft reset can resolve temporary software glitches that cause a boot loop. To do this, press and hold the power button and the volume down button simultaneously until the device restarts.


Clear Cache Partition

: If the soft reset doesn’t work, try clearing the cache partition from recovery mode. This won’t delete your personal data but can resolve issues caused by corrupted cache files.


Use Professional Data Recovery Tools

: If the above steps fail, consider using professional data recovery tools like iSeeker (Android). These tools can often access the device storage directly and recover data even when the device isn’t booting properly.


Samsung Cloud Recovery

: If you’ve previously enabled Samsung Cloud sync, you may be able to recover your Samsung Notes data from the cloud. This can be done by accessing Samsung Cloud on another device or via the web.


Seek Expert Assistance

: If you’re uncomfortable performing these steps or if they prove unsuccessful, it’s advisable to seek assistance from a professional service or Samsung’s customer support.

Preventing Future Data Loss

To prevent future data loss, regularly back up your Samsung Notes and other important data to Samsung Cloud or another secure location. This ensures that even if your device encounters issues, your data remains safe and recoverable.


While a boot loop is a challenging situation, especially with unsynced Samsung Notes, the methods outlined above offer hope for recovering your valuable data. Remember, if you’re ever in doubt, professional help is just a call or visit away. Stay prepared by backing up your data regularly, and you’ll navigate these tech hurdles with greater peace of mind.

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