Beyond Veeam: Exploring Bacula, Burp, and Duplicati in the Office


Could you provide an expert comparison of Bacula, Burp, and Duplicati in a workplace setting? What has been your experience with these solutions, and have you transitioned from any of them to an alternative other than Veeam? I’m interested in options beyond Veeam.


When it comes to choosing a backup solution for a workplace setting, IT professionals often weigh several factors, including reliability, scalability, ease of use, and cost. Three notable options in the market are Bacula, Burp, and Duplicati. Each has its strengths and potential drawbacks, and the best choice can depend on the specific needs of a business.


is known for its robust network backup solution, which is highly scalable and supports a wide range of backup devices. It is particularly well-suited for large environments due to its modular design, allowing for customization and expansion. Users have reported that Bacula meets the needs of their business better than Duplicati, with a higher satisfaction rate in ongoing product support.


(Backup and Restore Program) is an open-source network backup solution that is easy to configure and maintain. It uses a variety of storage backends and deduplication to save storage space. However, detailed comparisons with Bacula and Duplicati are less common, suggesting it may be less widely adopted in enterprise environments.


is a free, open-source option that works with standard protocols like FTP, SSH, and WebDAV, as well as cloud services. It offers features like encryption, scheduling, and incremental backups. While Duplicati is appreciated for its feature updates and roadmap, some users feel that Bacula provides a more comprehensive set of features necessary for their business requirements.

For those looking to transition from these solutions to an alternative other than Veeam, there are several options available. Alternatives include

Veritas, Acronis, Broadcom (VMware), Commvault, and Cove Data Protection

, among others. These solutions offer a range of features that may align better with certain business needs, such as disaster recovery, cloud integration, or specific compliance requirements.

In conclusion, the choice between Bacula, Burp, and Duplicati should be guided by the size of the enterprise, the complexity of the backup needs, and the IT budget. For those seeking alternatives to Veeam, the market offers a variety of options that cater to different priorities, from ease of use to advanced feature sets.

I hope this article provides a clear understanding of how Bacula, Burp, and Duplicati stack up against each other and sheds light on some viable alternatives to Veeam for your backup needs.

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