Beyond the Junk Folder: FastEmailer’s Approach to Email Security


What measures does FastEmailer implement to prevent emails from being filtered into the spam folder?


FastEmailer checks each incoming email against a set of criteria, assigning a score to gauge its likelihood of being spam. Users can adjust these settings to their preference, choosing between Standard and Aggressive filtering levels.

Custom Spam Protection

For those who desire more control, Custom settings allow users to define the spam score thresholds for moving messages to the Spam folder or deleting them. This personalization helps in fine-tuning the balance between catching spam and avoiding false positives.

Reporting and Training

Users can report spam and non-spam, contributing to a personal spam database that tunes the filtering system to their specific needs. This database is also automatically trained with spam deleted from the Spam folder and legitimate emails moved out of it.

SMTP and Forwarding Hosts

FastEmailer allows users to list SMTP servers they’re forwarding from, which aids in identifying the true sender of the mail, thus improving spam detection. Additionally, FastEmailer takes measures to block spam bots while allowing legitimate mail when emails are forwarded from external systems.

Spam Check Headers

The system adds headers to emails that have been spam-checked, such as an aggregate spam score. This helps in identifying potential spam based on the content of the email.

Fighting Spam Partnerships

By enabling Fighting Spam, FastEmailer can report incorrectly categorized emails to partner organizations, which helps in refining the spam detection algorithms. This collaboration extends the fight against spam beyond the individual user’s mailbox.

Security Measures

FastEmailer ensures that emails are not only free from spam but also secure. They avoid greylisting and maintain a spam score of 0 for trusted senders, ensuring that legitimate emails are delivered promptly without being mistaken for spam.

In conclusion, FastEmailer’s multi-layered approach to spam prevention involves user-customizable settings, reporting mechanisms, and partnerships with spam-fighting organizations. These measures collectively enhance the reliability and security of email communication for FastEmailer users.

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