Beyond Directory Checks: Exploring `ee.DirectoryChecker`’s Role in File Retrieval


Is it possible for `ee.DirectoryChecker` to assist in the retrieval of files that have been misplaced or deleted?


However, if you have previously used `ee.DirectoryChecker` to export directory information, this data could potentially help you identify what files are missing and could provide clues to recovery experts or software you might use to attempt file recovery.

is a tool that can recover lost files, even overwritten data, by scanning every block of your partition. It’s more aligned with the task of file recovery.

In summary, while `ee.DirectoryChecker` can provide valuable information about your files and directories, it is not a file recovery tool. If you’re looking to recover lost or deleted files, you should consider using dedicated recovery software that is designed to scan, detect, and restore missing data.

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