BaWaMI Unleashed: Discovering Communities of Sound


Could you direct me to any specialized forums where aficionados of BaWaMI congregate and exchange insights?


  • Gearslutz

    : A comprehensive forum for all things music production, including software like BaWaMI.

  • KVR Audio

    : Offers a community for various audio plugins, where BaWaMI users may share tips.

  • Social Media Platforms:

  • Facebook Groups

    : Search for MIDI or music software groups; BaWaMI discussions often pop up.

  • Reddit

    : Subreddits dedicated to music production can be a goldmine for BaWaMI-related conversations.

  • YouTube Channels:

    • Many channels that focus on MIDI software also discuss BaWaMI. Engage with the community in the comments section of tutorials and reviews.

    Software Download Sites:

  • – Sites like


    allow users to comment on their experience with BaWaMI, providing a platform for discussion.

  • BaWaMI’s Official Blog:

    • The creator of BaWaMI maintains a blog where updates are posted. Comment sections here can be quite active with user discussions.
    • While

    these aren’t exclusive to BaWaMI, they are frequented by knowledgeable users who can offer valuable advice. Engaging with these communities can enhance your understanding and enjoyment of BaWaMI. Happy exploring!

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