BACnet Lookout Unveiled: Key Functions for Smart Building Operations


Could you elaborate on the key functionalities that BACnet Lookout offers to users in building automation systems?


BACnet Lookout can scan your network to identify all BACnet devices. It retrieves detailed information about each device, allowing for effective management and configuration.

Reading and Writing Properties

The tool supports reading and writing of properties, enabling users to customize device settings and parameters to suit their specific needs.

Event and Alarm Management

With BACnet Lookout, users receive event notifications and can build alarm summary lists. This ensures that any issues are promptly identified and addressed.

Data Logging

It logs data regarding events and property monitoring actions, which is crucial for maintaining records and analyzing the system’s performance over time.

SubscribeCOV Services

BACnet Lookout manages SubscribeCOV (Change of Value) services, which are essential for keeping track of real-time changes in property values.

Scripting Support

The tool offers LUA scripting support, allowing for advanced customization and automation of tasks within the BACnet network.

User Interface

It boasts an easy-to-use interface, making it accessible for users with varying levels of technical expertise.

Support for Multiple Protocols

BACnet Lookout supports BACnet/IP, Ethernet, and MS/TP, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of network configurations.

COV, Alarm, and Event Support

Users benefit from comprehensive support for COV, alarms, and events, which enhances the reliability and responsiveness of the building automation system.

Automated Property Monitor

The tool includes an automated property monitor feature, which simplifies the task of overseeing system properties and detecting any anomalies.

In summary, BACnet Lookout is an essential tool for professionals in the building automation industry, offering a robust set of features that streamline the management and operation of BACnet networks. Its capabilities in device discovery, property management, event handling, and data logging make it a valuable asset for ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of building automation systems.

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