Axommsoft Pdf Splitter: A Step-by-Step Tutorial


“What steps should I follow to separate a PDF into single pages with Axommsoft Pdf Splitter?”


Begin by downloading and installing Axommsoft Pdf Splitter on your computer. Once installed, launch the program to get started.

Step 2: Import Your PDF File

Click on the ‘Add Files’ button to browse and select the PDF file you wish to split. You can also drag and drop the file directly into the software interface.

Step 3: Choose Splitting Method

Axommsoft Pdf Splitter offers various splitting methods. For separating into single pages, choose the ‘Split by Every Page’ option. This will ensure each page of your PDF becomes a separate file.

Step 4: Specify Output Settings

Decide where you want to save the new files by setting the output directory. You can also rename the output files if you wish.

Step 5: Split the PDF

After setting everything up, click on the ‘Split Now’ button. The software will process the file and split it into individual pages as per your settings.

Step 6: Access Split Files

Once the splitting process is complete, navigate to the output folder you specified earlier. You’ll find each page of the original PDF saved as a separate file.

Step 7: Review and Use Your Files

Open the split files to ensure they’ve been separated correctly. You can now use these individual PDF pages for your intended purpose.

And there you have it! With Axommsoft Pdf Splitter, separating a PDF into single pages is a straightforward task that can be accomplished in just a few clicks. Whether you’re preparing documents for a presentation or organizing your files, this tool can simplify the process significantly. Remember to always save a copy of the original PDF before making any changes, just in case you need to revert to the original document. Happy splitting!

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