Achieving a Minimalist Desk: Power Management for Your Monitor’s USB Ports


Is there a method to selectively disable the power supply to specific USB A ports on a Dell U2422HE monitor? I’m currently using this monitor connected to my XPS 13 laptop via a USB C-C cable that transmits both video and power. I occasionally require power to one of the USB A ports for charging my smartwatch, but I prefer to minimize clutter from unnecessary cables. Is there a solution to this?


In the era of sleek workspaces, the Dell U2422HE monitor stands out as a beacon of connectivity, offering a hub of USB ports for various peripherals. However, for users who seek a minimalist setup, the question arises: Can one control the power to individual USB A ports to avoid the clutter of unused cables?

Understanding the Monitor’s Capabilities:

The Dell U2422HE is designed with user convenience in mind, featuring a range of ports including USB A for peripheral connections. These ports are powered continuously while the monitor is on, ensuring devices remain charged and ready for use.

The Challenge:

For users like you, who only occasionally need power from these ports, the constant energy flow may seem wasteful, and the extra cables, an eyesore. The ideal scenario would be to have the ability to switch off power to specific ports when they’re not in use.

Exploring Solutions:

Upon reviewing the Dell U2422HE Usage and Troubleshooting Guide and user discussions, it appears that the monitor does not offer native support for disabling individual USB A ports. The power delivery through USB Type-C is continuous and cannot be selectively disabled through the monitor’s settings or on-screen display (OSD).

Alternative Approaches:

While the monitor itself may not provide this functionality, there are alternative methods to manage cable clutter:

  • USB Hubs with Individual Switches:

    External USB hubs are available with dedicated power switches for each port, allowing you to control the power supply to connected devices manually.

  • Software Solutions:

    Some software applications can manage power settings for USB ports on a computer, but this typically applies to ports directly on the laptop or PC, not those on a monitor.

  • Cable Management Accessories:

    Consider using cable organizers or clips to neatly tuck away unused cables, maintaining a clean desk environment.

  • Conclusion:

    In conclusion, while the Dell U2422HE monitor does not support selective power disabling for its USB A ports, users can explore external USB hubs with individual switches, software solutions for laptop ports, or cable management accessories to achieve a tidier workspace. The journey towards a clutter-free desk may require a bit of creativity, but the result is a more focused and aesthetically pleasing work area.

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