Access Denied: Resolving BitLocker’s Persistent Recovery Errors


“I’m encountering an immediate error when attempting to access the BitLocker recovery window. Despite numerous attempts to retrieve my PC’s recovery key via my Microsoft account, I’m consistently met with an error stating, ‘something happened, try again later.’ This issue has persisted for several days. Could you advise on an alternative method to bypass this problem or provide guidance on how to directly contact Microsoft support? I’ve spent considerable time searching for a way to communicate with a support representative on their website to no avail.”


When faced with the immediate error message “something happened, try again later” while attempting to access the BitLocker recovery window, it can be a source of significant frustration. This error, which prevents the retrieval of a PC’s recovery key from a Microsoft account, is not only inconvenient but can also halt productivity if access to the device is barred.

The error message is typically a generic response when the system fails to process the request. This could be due to server issues, connectivity problems, or browser-related glitches.

Potential Solutions


Browser Troubleshooting

: Begin by clearing your browser’s cache or trying a different browser. Utilizing InPrivate or Incognito modes can sometimes bypass issues related to cookies and cache.


Internet Connectivity

: A change in internet connection might resolve the issue. If you’re on a corporate network, try a personal network or vice versa.


Alternative Devices

: Attempt to access the recovery key page from a different device. Sometimes, certain devices may have settings that prevent successful navigation to the recovery key page.


Windows Recovery Options

: If the recovery key remains elusive, you may need to resort to Windows recovery options. This could involve resetting your device, which would remove all files. It’s a drastic measure but may be necessary if all other avenues fail.

Contacting Microsoft Support

If these steps do not yield success, contacting Microsoft support directly is the next course of action. Here’s how you can reach out for assistance:


Microsoft Support Page

: Visit the official Microsoft Support page. Here, you can find self-help options, and if needed, live chat with a Microsoft specialist.


Service Requests

: For business users, opening a service request in the Microsoft 365 admin center is an option. This service is free and can be a direct line to technical support.


Microsoft Store Support

: If your issue pertains to a recent purchase or a past transaction, Microsoft Store support can provide help and guidance.


While encountering an error with BitLocker recovery can be daunting, there are multiple steps you can take to resolve the issue. From browser troubleshooting to contacting Microsoft support, the key is persistence and exploring all available resources. Remember, safeguarding your data with BitLocker is a proactive step towards security, and overcoming these hurdles ensures that your data remains protected..

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