A Step-by-Step Guide to Adding Tzunami Templates to Your Outlook


Could you guide me through the process of integrating a Tzunami template with my Outlook email client?


Firstly, you’ll need to access the Tzunami template you wish to integrate. If you’ve already created or downloaded a template, ensure it’s readily accessible on your computer.

Step 2: Open Outlook

Launch Microsoft Outlook on your computer. Make sure you’re logged into the account where you want to use the template.

Step 3: Navigate to Templates

In Outlook, go to the ‘File’ tab, select ‘Options’, and then choose ‘Mail’. Click on ‘Signatures and Stationery’, and under the ‘Email Signature’ tab, you’ll find a button for ‘Stationery and Fonts’.

Step 4: Import Template

Click on ‘Theme’ or ‘Stationery’, and a window will pop up with various themes. At the bottom of this window, there’s an option to ‘Create New Theme’. Select this, and you’ll be prompted to import your Tzunami template file.

Step 5: Customize Your Template

Once imported, you can customize the template further if needed. You can add specific fields, adjust fonts, and modify the layout to fit your needs.

Step 6: Save and Set as Default

After customizing, save your template. You can set it as the default for new emails by selecting it under the ‘Stationery and Fonts’ section.

Step 7: Use Your Template

To use your template, simply create a new email. The Tzunami template you set as default will automatically load, ready for you to compose your message.

Step 8: Update as Needed

Remember, you can always go back and update your template. Just repeat the steps above to make any necessary changes.

By following these steps, you can effectively integrate a Tzunami template into your Outlook email client, ensuring a professional and uniform look for your emails. If you encounter any issues, Tzunami’s support resources or your IT department can provide additional assistance. Happy emailing!

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