A Packer’s Curiosity: The Tale of an Unexpected Treasure


In your professional packing experience, what is the most unusual item you have encountered?


It was a typical morning when I received a request to pack and transport an antique from a local collector. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the sight of a life-sized, glass-encased mechanical figure adorned in gypsy attire, complete with a crystal ball. This was no ordinary collectible; it was a piece of history, reminiscent of the fortune teller machines that were the mainstay of early 20th-century amusement parks and fairs.

The Challenge:

The challenge was not just in the packing but in preserving the integrity of such a delicate and intricate machine. It required meticulous disassembly of certain parts, careful wrapping in protective materials, and constructing a custom wooden crate that could secure the machine for its journey.

The Process:

Each step was taken with the utmost precision. The glass was shielded with a layer of film to prevent scratches, the mechanical components were immobilized to avoid any internal damage, and the exterior was cushioned with high-density foam. The crate itself was fortified with shock-absorbent materials to safeguard against the bumps and jolts of transit.

The Outcome:

After hours of diligent work, the machine was ready for transport. It arrived at its destination without a hitch, much to the relief and satisfaction of the collector. This task was a testament to the unique challenges that come with the profession of packing and the diverse items that pass through our hands.

In conclusion, the mechanical fortune teller machine was an extraordinary encounter in my packing career. It was not just an unusual item to pack; it was a journey into the past, a reminder of the craftsmanship and whimsy of a bygone era.

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