A Closer Look at Axence nVision Free Edition: Features and Functionalities Revealed


Could you detail the functionalities available in the complimentary edition of Axence nVision?


  • Automated network detection

    and interactive mapping for a clear overview of your network’s structure.

  • Monitoring of mail servers, web addresses, TCP/IP and Windows services

    , ensuring that potential failures are identified early.

  • Support for encryption protocols

    like AES, DES, and 3DES for SNMPv3, enhancing network security.

  • Hardware and Software Inventory:

  • Comprehensive asset management

    , allowing you to keep track of all IT assets, their statuses, and life cycle actions.

  • License tracking

    to ensure software legality and compliance.

  • Online audit function

    providing insights into hardware and software changes on workstations.

  • User Activity Monitoring:

  • Detailed reports

    on actual work time, application usage, visited web pages, and network transfer.

  • SmartTime module

    for identifying time-consuming activities and optimizing work effectiveness.

  • HelpDesk:

  • Remote technical support

    capabilities to assist employees quickly and effectively.

  • Management of employee notices

    and provision of remote help with ease.

  • DataGuard:

  • Data leak prevention

    by managing access rights to I/O ports and physical devices.

  • Protection against unauthorized file copying

    or external software execution.

  • AdminCenter:

  • Customizable dashboards

    to monitor key IT network events and parameters.

  • Data visualization

    on large screens for real-time insights.

  • The Free Edition of Axence nVision provides a solid foundation for IT infrastructure management, particularly for companies prioritizing network security and risk reduction. While there may be limitations compared to the full version, the functionalities included in the free edition offer a comprehensive suite of tools for effective IT management.

    For those considering an upgrade, the full version expands on these capabilities with additional features and support options, catering to more extensive IT management needs.

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