A Call for Action: The Expert’s View on r/techsupport’s Upcoming Blackout


Could you provide an expert’s perspective on the decision by r/techsupport to temporarily shut down on June 12th in protest of Reddit’s recent API pricing changes, which are anticipated to render third-party applications nonviable? The moderation team has expressed significant concerns regarding these changes, which they believe will not only eliminate many third-party mobile apps cherished by users for their unique features but also impact other customization options like the Reddit Enhancement Suite and the old.reddit.com interface. This move is seen as detrimental not just to users but also to subreddit moderators who rely on external tools to maintain their communities. The team is urging the community to take action by reading and signing an open letter, sharing their thoughts on social media, and understanding that while the subreddit’s closure may cause inconvenience, it is deemed necessary for the community’s best interest.


In the wake of Reddit’s recent API pricing changes, the decision by r/techsupport to go dark on June 12th is a significant form of protest that highlights the broader implications of these changes on the Reddit community. From an expert’s perspective, this move is not just about third-party apps; it’s about preserving the diversity and accessibility of the Reddit ecosystem.

Third-party apps like Apollo, Reddit is Fun, Narwhal, and BaconReader have been instrumental in shaping the Reddit experience for many users. They offer features and user interfaces that are often preferred over the official app. The API pricing changes threaten the existence of these apps, which could lead to a homogenized experience where users are forced to adapt to the official app’s limitations.

Customization and Accessibility at Stake

Beyond mobile apps, the changes could also affect other customization options such as the Reddit Enhancement Suite and the old.reddit.com interface. These tools offer users the ability to tailor their browsing experience and are particularly important for those who find the official app’s interface less accessible.

Moderation and Community Management Concerns

Subreddit moderators, who often rely on external tools to manage their communities effectively, could find their roles becoming more challenging. These tools enable moderators to maintain order, enforce rules, and prevent spam, which is vital for the health of any online community.

Solidarity and Community Action

The r/techsupport moderation team’s call for a shutdown is a call to action for the Reddit community. By reading and signing an open letter, sharing thoughts on social media, and spreading awareness, the community can voice its opposition to the changes. This collective action underscores the importance of third-party apps and customization options in maintaining Reddit’s diverse ecosystem.


The temporary shutdown of r/techsupport is a disruptive but necessary measure to draw attention to the potential negative impacts of Reddit’s API pricing changes. It is a stand for the preservation of a diverse, accessible, and user-friendly Reddit, and a reminder of the power of community action in the face of unwelcome changes. While the inconvenience is regrettable, the solidarity shown by the moderation team and users alike serves as a testament to the community’s commitment to its best interests.

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