40 Hours of Meow-vie Magic: Ensuring Your Cat’s Entertainment on YouTube


“As an expert, could you advise on how to configure a television to stream YouTube content non-stop for an extended period of approximately 40 hours? The continuous playback is intended for my cat’s entertainment while I am away, and it is crucial to prevent the ‘Are you still watching?’ prompt from interrupting the viewing experience. Despite exploring the settings, I have not found a way to disable this feature. Your guidance on this matter would be greatly appreciated.”


If you’re streaming from a computer connected to your TV, you can modify the PC’s power settings to prevent it from going to sleep, which sometimes triggers the prompt. Here’s how:

1. Press the

Windows + I

keys to open Settings.

2. Click on



3. Select the

Power & sleep


4. Under the ‘When plugged in, PC goes to sleep after’ option, set it to



Method 2: Use a Browser Extension

For those using YouTube on a laptop’s Chrome browser, the YouTube Nonstop extension can be a lifesaver. It prevents the platform from pausing playback to ask if you’re still watching. To install it:

1. Visit the Chrome web store.

2. Search for the

YouTube Nonstop


3. Click on

Add to Chrome


4. Confirm by clicking on

Add extension


Method 3: Use an Alternative Browser on Mobile Devices

The standard Chrome browser on mobile devices has limitations. To overcome this, you can use the Kiwi browser, which allows extensions that can disable the ‘Are you still watching?’ prompt. Install the Kiwi browser from the Google Play Store and search for a similar extension as mentioned in Method 2.

Remember, these methods are workarounds and may not always guarantee a permanent solution. YouTube’s policies and app functionalities can change, potentially affecting these methods’ effectiveness. Always ensure that your YouTube app and device firmware are up-to-date to avoid any interruptions due to outdated software.

Lastly, while it’s important to keep your cat entertained, make sure to provide a safe and comfortable environment for her during your absence. This includes ensuring she has access to food, water, and her litter box. If possible, consider asking a friend or a pet sitter to check in on her occasionally to provide social interaction and monitor her well-being. Your cat’s safety and comfort should always be the top priority.

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