WinZip Courier: Your Guide to Easy File Sharing


Could you guide me through the process of distributing compressed files via WinZip Courier?


In the digital age, sharing large files quickly and securely is a common necessity, whether for personal or professional reasons. WinZip Courier, an extension for your email service, simplifies this process by compressing files into a more manageable size. Here’s how you can use WinZip Courier to distribute compressed files:

Step 1: Install WinZip Courier

First, ensure that WinZip Courier is installed on your computer. It integrates seamlessly with your existing email client, adding new options for attachment handling.

Step 2: Compress Your Files

To compress files, simply create a new email and attach the files as you normally would. WinZip Courier automatically prompts you to compress the attachments. Choose the desired compression level and any additional settings, such as password protection or encryption for added security.

Step 3: Send Your Email

Once the files are compressed, continue composing your email. When you hit send, WinZip Courier takes care of the rest, ensuring your files are delivered in a compact, email-friendly format.

Step 4: Recipient Downloads the Files

The recipient will receive an email with a WinZip Courier attachment. They can then download and decompress the files using WinZip or any other standard unzipping software.

Step 5: Manage Sent Files

WinZip Courier keeps a record of the files you’ve sent, allowing you to track what you’ve shared and with whom. This is particularly useful for maintaining a clear record of your file distribution activities.


WinZip Courier is a powerful tool for anyone looking to distribute large files efficiently. By compressing files directly within your email client, it streamlines the sharing process, saving time and bandwidth. With its user-friendly interface and robust feature set, WinZip Courier is an excellent choice for seamless file sharing.

This guide should help you understand the process of using WinZip Courier to share compressed files effectively. If you have any further questions or need more detailed instructions, feel free to ask!

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