Transforming SharePoint Navigation with iMUSH’s Innovative Features


In what ways does the iMUSH feature contribute to the improvement of SharePoint’s user experience?


iMUSH allows users to easily select multiple documents, Wiki pages, InfoPath web forms, and attachments, and merge them into a single PDF file. This simplifies the process of document management, making it easier for users to organize and handle their files efficiently.

Enhanced Usability

By integrating seamlessly with SharePoint, iMUSH provides a user-friendly experience that requires minimal learning curve. Users can manage their documents and list items directly within the familiar SharePoint environment, without the need for additional training or external tools.

Productivity Boost

With iMUSH, SharePoint users can save time by automating the creation of PDF documents from selected items. This feature not only speeds up the workflow but also reduces the potential for human error, leading to a more productive and error-free work environment.

Improved Print Capabilities

The iMUSH feature includes a printing function that enables users to convert SharePoint documents and list items into printable PDF documents. This is particularly useful for organizations that still rely on paper-based processes or require hard copies for record-keeping.

Batch Scanning and Tagging

iMUSH-Scan, a part of the iMUSH suite, addresses the need for efficient document scanning by adding ‘Scan’ menus for libraries and lists. It enables batch scanning and tagging of documents, all in a single click, which is a significant time-saver for users dealing with large volumes of paper documents.

In conclusion, the iMUSH feature by KwizCom is a powerful tool that enhances SharePoint’s user experience by providing a more efficient, user-friendly, and productive environment for document management and processing.

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