Transforming PDFs in SharePoint: Setting Up Auto OCR


What are the steps to set up automatic OCR processing for PDFs within SharePoint?


Step 1: Choose an OCR Solution

First, select an OCR solution that integrates with SharePoint. There are third-party tools available that offer seamless integration.

Step 2: Install the OCR Software

Follow the installation instructions provided by the OCR software vendor to add it to your SharePoint environment.

Step 3: Configure OCR Settings

Configure the OCR settings in the software to match your needs. This may include setting up document libraries for OCR processing and defining output formats.

Step 4: Automate the OCR Process

Use SharePoint’s workflow capabilities to create a workflow that automatically sends newly uploaded PDFs to the OCR software for processing.

Step 5: Test the Workflow

Upload a test PDF to ensure that the workflow triggers the OCR process and the document is converted as expected.

Step 6: Monitor and Maintain

Regularly check the OCR process for any errors and maintain the system to ensure consistent performance.

By following these steps, you can automate the OCR processing of PDFs in SharePoint, enhancing the efficiency of document management within your organization. Remember to choose an OCR solution that is reliable and offers the level of integration you need for a smooth workflow.

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