The Ultimate Guide to Merging ThinApp and Horizon View


“Is it possible to seamlessly incorporate VMware ThinApp applications within a Horizon View environment?”


In the realm of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), the synergy between application virtualization and desktop virtualization is pivotal. VMware ThinApp, a leader in application virtualization, offers a compelling solution that can be integrated with VMware Horizon View to enhance the VDI experience.

VMware ThinApp packages applications into single executables that run in isolated environments, enabling them to be deployed without conflict. When it comes to Horizon View, ThinApp’s portability and isolation capabilities allow for seamless integration. Administrators can assign ThinApp packages to Horizon View desktop pools, ensuring that users receive their applications without the need for complex installations or configurations.

Benefits of Incorporation

The incorporation of ThinApp applications within Horizon View provides several benefits:

  • Centralized Management

    : Administrators can manage and update ThinApp packages centrally, reducing the overhead of maintaining individual virtual desktops.

  • Compatibility and Coexistence

    : ThinApp enables multiple versions of the same application to run on the same desktop, avoiding compatibility issues.

  • Streamlined Access

    : Users can access their virtualized applications directly from their Horizon View desktops, creating a unified and efficient workspace.

  • Enhanced Security

    : The isolation of ThinApp applications prevents potential conflicts and security vulnerabilities, as applications do not interfere with the underlying OS.

  • Implementation Considerations

    To ensure a smooth integration, several factors should be considered:

  • Infrastructure Readiness

    : Verify that the Horizon View environment is configured to support ThinApp deployment.

  • Application Packaging

    : Properly package applications with ThinApp, taking into account any specific requirements or dependencies.

  • User Entitlements

    : Define which user groups should have access to the ThinApp packages within Horizon View.

  • Performance Monitoring

    : Continuously monitor the performance to ensure that the virtualized applications are running optimally within the VDI environment.

  • Conclusion

    The integration of VMware ThinApp with Horizon View is not only possible but also highly beneficial. It streamlines the management of applications, enhances user experience, and fortifies security within the VDI ecosystem. By following best practices and considering the unique needs of the organization, businesses can leverage the full potential of ThinApp and Horizon View working in tandem.

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