The Technical Divide: FileInfo and Portable FileInfo Explained


Could you elucidate the distinctions between FileInfo and Portable FileInfo, particularly in terms of their applications and compatibility?


is a class in the .NET framework that provides properties and instance methods for the creation, copying, deletion, moving, and opening of files. It is part of the `System.IO` namespace and is used to perform a variety of file operations. When you create an instance of `FileInfo`, it performs a security check once, making it efficient for multiple operations on the same file.

On the other hand,

Portable FileInfo

is not a standard class provided by the .NET framework. It may refer to a custom or third-party implementation designed to provide file information functionalities in a portable manner, potentially across different platforms. Since it’s not a recognized standard class, its compatibility and applications would depend on the specific implementation and the platforms it supports.

In summary, while `FileInfo` is a well-established class within the .NET framework, `Portable FileInfo` would likely be a custom solution aimed at cross-platform file information retrieval. The key differences would lie in their platform support, with `FileInfo` being limited to the .NET environment, and `Portable FileInfo` potentially offering broader compatibility, depending on its design. Always ensure to check the documentation of the specific `Portable FileInfo` implementation for detailed information on its applications and compatibility.

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