The Power of Okdo: Effortless Batch Conversion from Excel to PowerPoint


Could you guide me on the process for converting multiple Excel files to PowerPoint presentations simultaneously using Okdo?


First, ensure that you have the Okdo converter software installed on your computer. Once installed, open the program to access its user-friendly interface.

Step 2: Add Excel Files

You can add Excel files to the converter by clicking on the ‘Add Files’ button. Navigate to the folder containing your Excel files, select the ones you need, and click ‘Open’. The files will appear in the list within the Okdo converter window.

Step 3: Set Conversion Preferences

Before proceeding with the batch conversion, check the settings to ensure that your preferences are met. This includes layout options, the range of Excel data to be converted, and whether you want each sheet converted into a separate slide.

Step 4: Convert the Files

After setting your preferences, click on the ‘Convert’ button. The software will process each file one after the other, converting the Excel sheets into PowerPoint slides. A progress bar will display the status of the conversion process.

Step 5: Save and Review

Once the conversion is complete, the PowerPoint files will be saved in the pre-selected folder. It’s a good practice to review the converted presentations to ensure that all data and formatting have been accurately transferred.

Tips for a Smooth Conversion:

  • Close any unnecessary programs to ensure the converter runs efficiently.
  • Make sure that the Excel files are not corrupted and are accessible.
  • Review the output settings to match your presentation requirements.
  • By

following these steps, you can efficiently convert multiple Excel files into PowerPoint presentations, saving you time and effort. The Okdo Excel to PowerPoint Converter is a powerful tool that simplifies the process, making it accessible even for those who may not be tech-savvy. Happy converting!

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