The Dos and Don’ts of Cloning the C Drive from One M.2 SSD to Another: A Practical Guide


How can I clone the C drive from one M.2 SSD to another with different capacities and speeds?

I have two M.2 SSDs in my system: a 256GB 970 that contains the OS and a 8TB Sabrent that I recently installed. I want to clone the C drive from the 970 to the Sabrent, but I encountered some issues. The cloning process failed to copy the OS, and I’m not sure how to preserve the C file paths. I don’t want to remove the 970 because it was difficult to install the Sabrent. I’m wondering if it’s better to keep the OS on the 970 or move it to the Sabrent. What are the advantages and disadvantages of having the OS on both drives?


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